Warehouse Management Essentials & Trends

Warehouse management continues to change, with the constant hunt for the solution that will provide the most efficiency and profitability. Some of the most popular warehouse management solutions include:

Warehouse Essentials

No warehouse is complete without a warehouse management system. But today’s sophisticated systems offer complete integration and real-time visibility, transforming shipping, receiving, picking and packing. If you’re still using paper-based systems for all or even some of your warehouse… it’s time to move on!

Barcode Scanners
Barcode scanners are essential for successful warehouse management. Be sure to consider the types of barcodes you’ll need to scan, read-range, and durability before choosing the barcode scanner that’s best for your warehouse.

Mobile Computers
In addition or in lieu of barcode scanners, mobile computers are frequently used in the warehouse. In addition to scanning barcodes, mobile computers allow workers to be more mobile and offer accessibility to real-time data. In addition to hand-held mobile computers, vehicle-mount mobile computers are also used.

Barcode Label Printers
Barcode label printers are an integral part of warehouse management, working directly with the WMS to print product, bin and shipping labels. Consider what type of barcode label printer you’ll need, the label material and print riboons.

Warehouse Trends

Voice technology is becoming increasingly popular in warehouse management. It allows workers to be completely hands-free, which saves time and improves safety, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

RFID in the warehouse is becoming a huge trend, especially in retail. RFID offers stock visibility at the item-level—so you know exactly where merchandise is both in and out of the warehouse, and how much of it is left.

Smartphones are just starting to make an appearance in the warehouse. Now that smartphones have barcode scanning capabilities, we’re seeing more companies using smartphones for data collection. However, most warehouse environments are too rugged for the average smartphone to be a cost effective solution.

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