Walmart Using Drones In Quest To Outperform Amazon

Walmart recently announced that it is prepared to fight with Amazon for the honor of becoming the country’s biggest retailer, and the retail giant has been making some serous moves toward achieving its goal. Walmart will be investing more than $2 billion in its online shopping platform, and the firm also plans to give its supply chain a nice boost by making use of warehouse drones.

Until now, the use of drones has been strongly linked with Amazon, but now it appears that Walmart wants in on the action. Their approach will help them avoid some of the controversy that has been linked to Amazon. For example, Walmart will only use remote-controlled flyers and not the autonomous ones that have been garnering a lot of skepticism toward Amazon.

One task that Walmart’s drones will tackle is checking which goods must be restocked. Reuters report it takes workers in Walmart’s warehouses about a month to do this. Drone-mounted cameras, on the other hand, can do this in just a fraction of that time thanks to their frame rate of 30 per second.

Shippingpass Will Take On Prime

Another Amazon idea Walmart plans to adopt is a membership delivery programs. Walmart’s two-day delivery ShippingPass will cost just $50 per year, which is half of Amazon’s price.

In addition, Walmart will team up with ride-hiring services such as Uber and Lyft to bring certain test markets same-day delivery. This will supplement their transportation vehicle fleet, which is currently one of the country’s largest.

Amazon will prove to be a tough competitor for Walmart. In fact, Amazon is set to overtake Macy’s in sales of apparel before the end of 2017. Its quick delivery and generous returns policy has won over many shoppers who were once reluctant to buy clothing online.

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