Walking for Barcodes

Getting people to walk or bike rather than drive is no easy task, and yet, it’s healthier for both people and the environment. The Orrenmaa School in Riverside, Calif. decided to do something about this. They implemented a barcode scanning technology to complement its walking programs and offer real-time data and transportation metrics.

Participating students will carry small shoe-shaped cards on their lanyards. Once they arrive to school, volunteers will scan the barcode on their card, sending the data to a website for the Safe Routes to School program. From there, parents can choose to receive an email or text, letting them know their child has arrived safety.

In addition to safety, the program also offers children a rewards-based system, allowing students to monitor their progress, tracking total number of miles, the amount of carbon emissions reduced and the amount saved on gasoline. From there, students can “cash in” on their success and receiving school-related products.

The barcode-based system will help parents know that their children are safe, prevent childhood obesity, and help the environment. Should more schools implement similar barcode-based walking programs? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.