Voice Systems

From Our Newsletter, “5 Voice System Myths Debunked

In our April newsletter, Eye on ROI, we debunked five common myths of voice systems. While voice systems are slowly increasing in popularity, many are hesitant to make the switch. But, have no fear, Barcoding is here to dispel the common misconceptions of voice systems.

Headsets Cause Safety Issues
Headsets are designed to specifically allow operators to hear all background noises in their work environment and comply with all OSHA regulations.

Voice Systems Can Only Run on Dedicated Devices
Your preexisting mobile terminal is most likely already voice capable. A well-designed voice system will integrate with your existing data collection equipment, making it easy to add voice software to your current hardware.

There is too Much Background Noise to Hear
Noise cancelling technology has vastly improved in the past few years, with new software being extra sensitive to noise bursts vs. white noise.

Operators Will Have Trouble Remembering Audio Messages
While some people prefer to read instructions, voice systems allow the operator to request the last command or message be repeated.

Voice Systems are too Difficult to Implement
Speech systems based on terminal emulation allow users to selectively add speech to their existing applications, giving users complete control.

See why next generation voice systems increase ROI:

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