Voice-enabled WMS

A voice-enabled WMS can increase productivity and keep workers happy.

If you’ve had the chance to visit a warehouse with a voice-enabled warehouse management solution (WMS), then you’ve had the chance to be impressed. If you haven’t visited a voice-enabled warehouse, then envision a hands-free world with precise processes and high productivity.

Using a voice-enabled WMS can improve accuracy, increase productivity, facilitate picking, provide real-time feedback, increase worker safety and comfort and boost morale.

A good voice-enabled WMS should be tailored to your needs, but typically consist of wearable speech terminals, software, headsets and professional services that talk workers through their daily tasks.

Psion offers a good selection of mobile devices that provide speech solutions, such as the NEO, Workabout Pro 3 and Workabout Pro. Find the solution that’s best for you.

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