Video of the Week: Zebra and the Workforce Mobility Revolution

This Week’s Video
Welcome to another post in our Video of the Week series, where we bring you a new, informative video from the supply chain world every Thursday! Today, we are featuring one of our partners, Zebra Technologies. If you missed last week’s video and post about legacy mobile applications, you can find it here.

The Power of Android
Android is the future, and the future starts today! The Android operating system is growing increasingly commonplace in devices of all varieties, from wearables, to laptops, and even cars. Employees are familiar with the platform and are increasingly on-the-go: 61% of workers report working outside the office at least part-time. Android OS brings workforce mobility and better business mobile computing. Best of all, it provides flexibility, enhanced data security, cost effectiveness, and platform future proofing, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investments.

Press Play
Join Zebra in the Workforce Mobility Revolution and watch the video below to learn more about how Android can help you stay efficient, accurate, and connected!

Find Us at Geek Tank
Zebra is one of the partners for our upcoming Geek Tank events, which are all about Android! Learn more about the event, read about our sponsors, and sign-up here!

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