Versatile Mobile Systems, Inc. Wins Big with Pizza Chain

Home Run Inn has been serving authentic Chicago-style pizza for almost 70 years. Twenty-five years ago, they began selling their own frozen pizzas. With eight restaurants in the Chicago area, frozen pizzas allowed the company to expand their flavor and pizza style to twenty states. In order to handle this new workload, Home Run Inn opened a production facility and their own distribution company, Power Play Distributors. Then, they recruited the help of Versatile Mobile Systems (VMS).

The VMS Solution

Some of Power Play Distributors’ truck drivers were experiencing connectivity problems in downtown Chicago areas, such as parking garages and alleyways. These issues translated to slow-downs in between deliveries. Power Play Distributors were having success with VMS’ Mobiquity DEX and decided to transition to Mobiquity Route, which allows all transactions and searches to be made with or without a wireless connection.

Mobiquity Route Advantages for Power Play Distributors:

  • Review individual delivery schedules
  • Review customer and product sales histories
  • Update orders
  • Check prices and discount levels
  • Generate invoices with the correct pricing automatically applied
  • Handle Returns
  •  Process Payment

“We needed a tool that could give us the products and lot tracking to handle audits with more efficiency. With Mobiquity Route, we can handle an audit in 20 minutes instead of hours,” said Jonathan Lamendola, IT Specialist, Power Play Distributors.

Without any need for a wireless connection, Power Play Distributors’ drivers could now perform each of these functions remotely. This cut down on all interruptions they were experiencing from poor connections. After implementing Mobiquity Route, Home Run Inn’s distribution increased delivery routes, insured accuracy, simplified audits, reduced driver downtime, enabled better tracking and traceability, and provided an overall better customer experience.

The Zebra Technologies Hardware

Zebra cable-free Dex key fobs allow Power Play Distributors’ drivers to plug into store DEX servers and instantly transmit invoices to customers’ back-end systems. Zebra ZQ520 mobile printer let drivers print receipts on-site to obtain signatures and provide customer copies. Additionally, Zebra MC9500 mobile computers, which can handle sub-zero freezer temperatures and can sense input from gloved hands, give drivers a rugged resource to carry with them to every delivery. Even with an average of 12,000 price records, short-term promotional prices, and harsh Chicago temperatures, these Zebra handheld computers can handle Power Play Distributors’ data without lag.

“Handling that amount of data, so smoothly, just isn’t something a consumer device can handle,” said Lamendola.

Watch the video below to learn more about this “Home Run” of a solution:

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