Verifying Print QR Codes

I recently received a question about whether or not there was a way to check QR codes on proofs to see if they are valid before sending a document to the printer. As a marketing professional myself, I’ve been seeing an increasing number of advertisements come in with QR codes. Normally, I would just check them on my cellphone, but I could see if there were hundreds of advertisements with QR codes on them, it would quickly become tedious for one person to manually check them.

There are two qualifications that should be tested; whether or not the QR code works, and if it is good enough quality for print. One program that I was able to find was Quickmark, but that is only for PC’s. I found other Windows-based programs, but since most pre-press departments use Mac’s, it would be nice to find a program that works on Mac operating systems. Does anyone know of such a program for the Mac?

In addition to checking the codes on the computer, they should also be tested in a printed proof. Testing the paper stock for bleed and ink saturation is important, otherwise the code could be seen as damaged to the reader. It would be nice if Printers had verification tools at press that could easily test and validate QR codes to ensure proper printing and scanning.

If you have a Mac-based solution for this, or have heard of Printers checking the QR codes at press, let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.