Venue Solutions Provider Legends Finds Success with POWER UP™

Legends, a respected venue solutions provider in the sports, music, and entertainment industries, encountered a challenge. They were looking for a way to increase brand presence for their client in the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, while engaging fans at the same time. They also wanted a solution that would provide their venue sponsors with a value-added service. In 2015, they discovered POWER UP™, the industry’s premium charging technology company.

Legends commissioned POWER UP™ for one of their sponsors, the Municipal Employee Federal Credit Union (MECU). As part of their solution, POWER UP™ built three standing charging stations, each equipped with a 32-inch LED screen. These tables allowed fans to charge their devices without having to leave the stadium or MECU space, and the LCD screens provided MECU with a chance to showcase their brand identity.

“The challenge was enhancing our partnerships and sponsorships by providing a unique, value-added service that would promote more fan engagement. At the time, we didn’t have any type of service inside the building that we could offer so we began looking for options and possible providers,” said David Potamianos, sponsorship sales manager, Legends Global Sales. “We were originally drawn to [POWER UP™’s] products and services for their use of state-of-the-art technology that the units employ as well as the very high level of customer service that they provide. The products are very appealing, equipped with digital ad screens, are able to be fully branded and made right here in Baltimore.”


This initial partnership led to Legends utilizing POWER UP™’s unique charging services six more times within the Royal Farms Arena. These include building charging tables and charging lockers for Legends sponsors Kaiser Permanente and Washington Gas and Light.

“We have enjoyed a very beneficial relationship with POWER UP™ as they provide exceptionally high-quality products, flexible payment options and outstanding service along with knowledgeable and service-oriented representatives,” said Potamianos.

The biggest benefit of the POWER UP™ solutions has been keeping fans in their respective sponsor spaces, due to the opportunity to charge their devices. This has led to both increased fan engagement and brand awareness. A bonus, this also leads to an increase in spending on concessions.

“The feedback from our clients has been very positive to date and has resulted in a prolonged engagement or increased “dwell time” in their respective sponsor spaces which in turn helps the arena with increasing the likelihood of greater per capita spend on concessions. Our fans love them too, as indicated by their use at our events– with thousands of fans utilizing this service to date. They are in highly accessible and high profile areas, are visually appealing and create a value-add for our sponsors,” said Potamianos. “I would highly recommend [POWER UP™] to businesses and other venues that want to increase brand visibility, improve fan engagement and provide a desirable service to their clients.”

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