Vehicle-mount Computers—Choosing the Right One for You

Choosing a vehicle-mount computer can be tricky, but these tips should help guide you to a decision.

Size Matters
When investing in a new vehicle-mount computer (VMC), it’s especially important to consider the screen size and the dimensions of the VMC itself. Finding a VMC that’s the right size has a major impact on forklift operators and their overall visibility. Typically, demo units or to-size cut-outs are available for testing before investing. Exploring different mounting options to ensure the highest visibility, of both the screen and windshield, should also be done as a precautionary measure—no one wants a VMC that blocks off the majority of their view.

Resolve to Get the Right Resolution
In addition to the size of the device and size of the screen, screen resolution is of the utmost importance. VMC’s measure their screen resolution in NITs, a unit of measurement of light in candles per meter square, or Cd/m2. The higher the NIT amount of a display, the easier it is to read, even in direct sunlight. Consider your warehouse facility, in addition to if the majority of your data collection is done inside or outside, in order to determine screen resolution and brightness.

Pick a Partner
If you’ve narrowed down some options for a new VMC, but still aren’t exactly sure what to get, choose a partner that will be able to honestly assess your needs and make a recommendation. Barcoding Inc. offers a variety of different VMCs, even the latest in technology, such as the LXE Thor. The Thor VMC offers a 400 NIT indoor display and a 900 NIT outdoor display for easy visibility. Learn more about LXE and their products here, or, ask about other warehouse operations solutions.