Variable Data QR Codes & the Jolly Green Giant

Next time you go to pick up veggies from the Jolly Green Giant, you may be pleasantly surprised by a change in the packaging. Emerald Packaging, whom supplies bags to the Jolly Green Giant recently invested in a special in-line digital printing system in order to print unique QR codes on each of their bags.

Once scanned, the unique QR codes offer product-specific information such as farm locations, grower profiles, food safety notices and nutritional information.

This is one of the first instances of mass-packaging receiving both a unique, variable data QR code and human readable barcode directly onto the bag.

The variable data QR codes will empower consumers, allowing them to find out more information about what they’re putting into their bodies—right down to the field where the produce was grown.

Is knowing such in-depth information about your food important to you? Would you use a QR code to find out? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.