Vanity Barcodes: The Latest Trend in Barcodes

Vanity barcodes, custom designed UPC barcodes that reflect the product or brand, are starting to show up on packages at your local supermarket!

Awhile back, we discussed vanity barcodes, but now, over a year later, I have begun to see more and more vanity barcodes on products, especially at the supermarket.

One reason that vanity barcodes are only slowly popping up is cost. Aside from the cost of creating the new beautified barcode, all of the packaging within a product line would need to be redesigned to include the new barcode.

What I do find interesting is that artists, such as Scott Blake, have been adding barcodes to their art for years, but only recently has art been added to barcodes.

However, while I enjoy the vanity barcodes, I’m wondering what the appeal would be for a company to go through the package re-branding… would a new barcode really increase the products ROI? Would you buy a product just because it had a vanity barcode? Perhaps not, but perhaps it could be a distinguishing factor when choosing between two different brands of a similar product? Let us know if vanity barcodes would persuade you to buy a product by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

Also, check out the article from the Wall Street Journal that started the recent buzz about vanity barcodes.