Vail Resorts Use Intermec CN3 Mobile Computers for Fast Lifts

Vail Resorts to CN3 RFIDVail Resorts, a premier ski resort in Colorado, has recently implemented Intermec CN3 mobile computers equipped with IP30 RFID readers. The easy-scan process offered by the Intermec CN3 allows getting through lift lines much faster and more convenient.

Now, skiers and snowboarders holding 2008-2009 passes can breeze through lines without ever having to take their passes out of their jacket, since RFID readers will be able to automatically scan them.

The Intermec CN3 mobile computers with IP30 handheld RFID readers are one of the smallest, most advanced, rugged computers in the world, offering a powerful, modular passive UHF RFID handle. The flexibility that the IP30 offers combined with the RFID-readiness of Intermec mobile computers bring the power of RFID readily available at the fingertips.

The Intermec CN3 also features GPS and Bluetooth technologies in order to increase efficiency and safety. Offering hands-free, turn-by-turn voice navigation with 3G WAN, Cisco Compatible WiFi, and Bluetooth radios, users are connected with voice and high-speed data anywhere they go.

Since lift lines at Vail Resorts are moving much more quickly with the Intermec CN3 mobile computer, its only a matter of time before ski resorts around the country adopt similar technology in order to bring customer satisfaction to a whole other level.