USPS to Retire POSTNET Barcode

Starting January 28, 2013, the United States Postal Service (USPS) plans on eliminating automation discounts for those who use the POSTNET barcode. This change is in hopes businesses will switch to the Intelligent Mail Barcode, known as IMb.

The USPS will require the IMb on all automation rate letters and flat mail. Full-service Intelligent Mail will begin in January 2014. To start using the IMb, businesses will need to get a Mailer ID from the USPS and generate the Intelligent Mail Barcodes for their mailings. Most IMb users will only need one 9-digit Mailer ID, but businesses that mail over 100,000 pieces of mail per month can request additional Mailer ID’s.

The upgrade to IMb stems from the need to include both address correction and the ability to sort information.

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