USPS Looks to Reinvent Successful QR Code Campaign

The USPS’ summer QR code campaign was a huge success… will they be able to expand upon their success in 2012?

Over the summer, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) used QR codes on mailers to give a discount on Standard and First-Class mail items. The program was so successful, that the USPS board insists that a similar promotion be done in 2012.

While the details of the promotion are still TBA, the USPS is looking to expand upon their campaign from last year, engaging consumers and creating lasting success for the mail.

It’s refreshing to see that even a large, government run institution such as the USPS is using QR codes to their advantage. In an age where e-mails are sent instantaneously, automatically and on-the-go, the USPS needs to keep mail alive, and QR codes may just be that solution.

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