Using Voice to Keep Up with eCommerce Demands

As e-commerce continues to become more and more popular with consumers, it is challenging distribution centers to keep up with consumer expectations. In fact, according to a recent survey from Honeywell, almost 9 out of 10 distribution center operators expect to adopt new mobile devices and voice-based technology within the next five years in order to meet consumer demand.

Did you know that distribution centers lose an average of $400,000 every year from picking errors? The survey included hundreds of IT decision-makers across the US and Europe and shows the need to increase adoption over the next five years in order to keep up with increased order fulfillment accuracy and improved customer service requests.

Honeywell’s survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of distribution centers currently support omni-channel distribution. This means that they have the data capture and asset tracking systems required to fulfill orders from both retailers and online consumers. But that also means that one-third is left in the dark!

One thing that the respondents can agree on is the power of voice. In order to keep up and stay ahead of the competition, voice technology is a key tool in increasing efficiency. According to the survey, using wireless headsets to direct workers with voice commands can add an entire hour of productive time per worker per month.

Because of this, the majority of respondents anticipate a transition to voice solutions within the next five years.

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