Use GS1 Privacy Impact Assesment Tool Before RFID

If you’re thinking about implementing an RFID solution within your organization, the GS1 can help. The GS1 recently launched a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Tool that allows companies to perform an initial analysis and risk assessment on implementing RFID and EPC technologies.

The PIA is for both large corporations and medium to small enterprises who are in need of an EPC/RFID application. By using the tool, companies can:

  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of privacy tisks of any new EPC/RFID implementation
  • Identify privacy controls to be incorporated at the early stages of development
  • Comply with the Eurpoean Comission’s RFID Recommendation and EPC Privacy Guidelines
  • Ensure that companies protect their customer’s privacy, increasing customer confidence in RFID technology

Essentially, when your company implements RFID applications, they may need to collect personal information about customers. Ensuring the privacy of these customers is of the utmost importance, so an RFID PIA can help asses the privacy risks and identify the necessary measure to address them before privacy is compromised.
Get the tool, or learn more about RFID implementation.

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