U.S. Naval Air Force Reserve Optimizes Resources and Labor with Mobile Computers

intermec ck31The U.S. Naval Air Force Reserve needed to develop a Base Level Inventory Tracking System (BLITS) that was able to optimize manpower on base while expediting the repair process in order for aircraft to return to compat as soon as possible. Since several Naval Air Force Reserve bases had warehouses that stored equipment and parts for military aircraft repair, logistics personnel always had to call the other bases in order to track down the repair part. Parts were frequently tracked via spreadsheets, so when someone was unable to access the spreadsheet, it took a phone call and a lot of unecessary time and labor. Whenever a part was delivered to the base, a driver had to take the part into the warehouse and have the form signed. Then, the driver had to manually enter the data into the database, which left room for lots of errors.
The U.S. Naval Air Force Reserve knew that they needed a BLITS system, and turned to Intermec Technologies for help. Intermec Technologies and their partner were able to implement the BLITS system by using the Intermec CK31G, a mobile computer that’s often used for tracking repair parts. With the Intermec CK31G, the driver simply delivers the part, and it is then scanned by workers access card. Once scanned, the access card identifies who received the item, in addition to the date and time. The information is then stored on the Intermec CK31G until it is docked, and then uploaded to a central server. With this system, data can be retreived at any time during the day, providing visibility to each parts’ location in real-time.

Usint the Intermec CK31G allowed the U.S. Naval Force Reserve to become more efficient, and keep much better track of their inventory. If you’re interested in asset tracking with the Intermec CK31G, you can read more here.