Upgrade Your PDA’s to an Industrial-grade Mobile Device

intermec cn3British Sky Broadcasting, a large subscription television service in the UK, needed a solution that would enable them to work more efficiently while providing their customers with superior service. In the past, engineers at Sky were equipped with PDAs, but because PDAs are a consume-grade product, they often broke and needed to be charged throughout the workday, slowing workers down. In terms of customer service, Sky also wanted to be able to provide a specific time frame so that customers would not get stuck waiting at home all day.

In order to accommodate all of their needs, British Sky Broadcasting turned to Intermec technologies for a complete solution— the Intermec CN3. As an industrial handheld computer with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a choice of WAN radio, a barcode scanner, and a 13-hour battery, the CN3 was sure to get the job done. With the Intermec CN3’s increased reliability, British Sky Broadcasting was able to provide its customers with the most accurate information possible regarding appoinment times. In addition, unlike their previous PDA solution, the Intermec CN3 was able to support custom software, making it easy for fleet engineers to keep the main office updated with their progress throughout the day in real time. Finally, perhaps one of the greatest advantages of supporting custom software is that engineers could order any part needed on-site.

While PDAs are great for consumer applications, they do not always live up to their expectations for industrial uses. By switching from a PDA to the Intermec CN3, British Sky Broadcasting was not only able to increase their efficiency, but also increase customer satisfaction, creating a win-win situation for all parties.

If your business is currently using a PDA type device, you should seriously consider upgrading to an industrial-grade product. Although there is an initial investment, industrial-grade mobile devices continue to prove to be a tremendous ROI and asset to the growth of the company.

If you’re interested in upgrading you consumer-grade mobile devices to industrial-grade devices such as the Intermec CN3, you can learn more here.