Update Your BarTender: Seagull Scientific Service Release

bartender 9.1If you have Bartender 9.1, then it may be time for an upgrade. Seagull Scientific offers a free Service Release for Bartender 9.1, which offers a variety of different features.

First and foremost, BarTender 9.1 features the BarTender Security Center, which allows users to specify user permissions, and lock down label formats in high security environments. In addition, BarTender 9.1 was enhanced in the following ways:

Completed Translations

Since BarTender 9.0 originally shipped in English only, there are now translated versions of all modules.

System Database support for SQL 2008

Enterprise editions of the BarTender System database now support SQL Server 2008.

Version Number Displayed Within Setup Manager

When installing with a CD, the version number will now appear.

Minor Bugs

Minor bugs have been repaired.

If you have an older version than 9.1, be sure to update to the latest service release available for that version, or purchase an upgrade to the latest Version of BarTender.

To download the Service Release for BarTender 9.1, learn more here.