Upcoming RFID Events: Fashion & Healthcare

RFID TagsThe RFID Journal is sponsoring a few events regarding how RFID can be used in industry specific environments.

RFID in Fashion
Hosted at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NY, NY from August 12-13, RFID in Fashion will examine ways to increase sales through the use of RFID technologoy. By accelerating manufacturing options, improving in-store inventory accuracy and on-shelf availability, and deterring theft, those in the fashion industry will see a great increase in profit. The event will also feature objective case studies, focusing on how companies use RFID to:

  • Improve in-store inventory accuracy
  • Decrease the amount of time to take inventory
  • Reduce the amount of time to receive goods into inventory
  • Cut markdown labor costs
  • Tag individual items
  • Improve delivery speed

If you’re interested in attending RFID in Fashion, you can learn more here.

RFID in Healthcare
In addition to the RFID in Fashion event, the RFID Journal will also be sponsoring RFID in Healthcare, which will be held on September 17 at the Westin-Waltham in Boston, MA. The goal of the event is to ultimately improve patient outcomes through the use of RFID technology. During the event, attendees will learn:

  • How to use RFID to cut costs
  • Learn how other health care providers have used RFID
  • Discover the best practices for RFID technology
  • Solve common hospital issues

If you’re interested in attending RFID in Healthcare, you can register here.