University of Arkansas Virtual RFID Project

The University of Arkansas has created a virtual hospital to research healthcare logistics and how technologies of the future can improve the system.  This virtual world was created with Second Life and models a complex hospital setting where they can test different scenarios.  This project allows students to deploy new technologies and determine what kind of impact they would have in the real world.  The goal of this project is to help improve the healthcare system by making it safer, faster and cheaper through automation and new technologies.

The University of Arkansas has released 3 demo videos that provide tours of the virtual world and focus on different ways to improve healthcare logistics.  The first demo video below features their RFID sensor network, supply chain management and secure handling of prescription drugs.  The scenario featuring RFID demonstrates the use of item-level RFID tagging, RFID readers and RFID asset management in the healthcare system.

You can view the other two demo videos Here.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new additions to this interesting virtual world.