UID Labels: To Verify, Or Not To Verify

If you’re wondering whether or not UID labels need to be verified, the answer is yes. In order to comply with MIL-STD-130 standards, contractors have a choice of verifying every label, or instigating a military approved statistical sampling program.

Since verifying UID labels can be very time consuming and expensive, combined the robust Datamatrix code used for UID markings, contractors will often take their chances and not put a verification process into place. However, this can lead to problems when labels fail to scan.

It is important that UID labels be tested with barcode verifiers, not just scanners, in order to ensure that they will properly scan. Even the simplest error, such as adding a space within a part number in the barcode can cause errors, as UID labels only allow certain characters, which does not get accounted for by only scanning the code.

The MIL-STD-130 verification rule was added by the DoD in order to ensure that items being added to the supply chain contain the correct data and meet all quality guidelines, ensuring that UID marks can be read every step of the way.

While skipping the verification process may seem like and easy way to save time and money, there is a good chance that something could go wrong, which is far more expensive to correct.

When it comes to MIL-STD-130 standards and UID labels, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so save yourself the headaches and make use of your barcode verifier!