UID Compliance: What It Is & How to Get It

uid complianceUID, or Unique Identification, is a requirement of the Department of Defense (DoD), that requires all government property, contracts, and deliverables be marked with a unique number. The UID itself is a 2D data matrix barcode, comprised of the CAGE Code, Serial Number, and Part Number, all which can be encoded by laser mark, chemical etch, dot peen, or ink jet. Together, this information comprises the serialized identification number required by the DoD for efficient and secure data tracking.

In order to meet UID standards, which must meet MIL-STD130M standards, the first step is to print and mark all contracts, deliverables, and government property with the 2D matrix barcode. By using durable polyester, laser mark, chemical etch, dot peen, or ink jet, the markings will meet printing specifications and maintain quality.

In addition, syntax and formatting standards must be met in order to account for accurate scanning. Once scanned, all valid UIDs are tracked to item-specific locations and then registered. After this, the data is transferred to the UID Registry.

If all of this seems complicated, there’s a lot of companies out there willing to help those who seek UID compliance. If your interested in becoming UID compliant, you can learn more here.