UC Irvine Uses ZotWheels…Featuring RFID!


UC Irvine has recently launched a campaign to for its students and employees to do their part for the environment by cutting back on their driving. In order to accomplish this goal, the school is using ZotWeels, a bike sharing system, in order to implement the project.

Throughout the UC Irvine campus, there are vending machine like stations that allow students and employees to rent a bike for only $40 a year. Once enrolled in the ZotWheels program, members can retrieve their bikes at any time by scanning an RFID membership card that unlocks one of the bikes from a row of stalls. From there, riders can use the bikes for up to three hours, and then they’ll receive a test message asking them to return it.

While similar bike sharing programs exist at UC Davis and Stanford University, they all require an in-person check-in and check-out that requires a clerk to be on duty. As of now, UC Irvine and Saint Xavier University are the only campuses in the country that make use of the RFID technology, allowing the service to be automated, and thus more convenient and efficient.

For more information on the program, learn more here.