Uber Is More Of An Opportunity Than A Threat To Logistics And Transportation

As access economy apps such as Uber place their feet firmly in the consumer market, the transportation brokerage industry is starting to worry. After all, there could be a potential for this type of operation to step on the commercial supply chain’s toes. However, a closer look at the situation actually reveals some good opportunities for the supply chain process that could be gained by adopting the access economy model.

For example, regulations such as the FAST Act are constantly changing, and qualifying a truck is becoming a mess of red tape. Therefore, an app along the lines of Uber for logistics with a mechanism for scoring and rating could prove very useful. Interested shippers could find a particular truck’s history quickly and easily so they can make informed decisions.

Getting More Drivers and Trucks on the Road

Furthermore, tools that facilitate the process by which trucks find loads, process the relevant paperwork, and receive payment will be extremely well received by the owners of small truck companies, many of whom are also drivers themselves. This means they can have more drivers and trucks on the road and spend less time on administration.

Load boards have proven helpful so far, but an app akin to Uber could be yet another tool worth considering. The shipper benefits by having another means of sourcing a truck, giving them a better pool of availability without breaking the bank.

Uber could very well ultimately prove not to be the big threat to 3PLs that many believe it might be. Shippers and carriers need consistency in their supply chain in order to be truly efficient, and new technology should be thought of more as a good opportunity to improve services rather than something to be feared.

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