TwinConnect: Combining QR Codes & NFC

Could combined NFC and QR code stickers be the next greatest mobile marketing solution?

While many are still wondering when the “death” of QR codes will be, we defended the QR code, ultimately predicting that the QR code would combine with NFC to create a solution.

Now, Kimtag has recently launched a solution called TwinConnect, which integrates NFC tags and QR codes. It allows people and businesses to connect with friends, colleagues and customers using QR codes and NFC tags with a single address that can contain one or more “connections,” or links to sites.

Users can easily create QR codes and receive a mobile optimized version of their connection page with integrated statistics, pre-programmed NFC tags and more. TwinConnect even offers encoding options that allow usage to be tracked separately for the QR code and the NFC tag on every sticker.

The reasoning behind Kimtag’s TwinConnect solution is that “There has been a rapidly growing demand for NFC products but we know our users are concerned about the availability of NFC-enabled smartphones. TwinConnect is designed to help our users be among the first to use NFC but without the risk,” according to Kimtag CEO, Phil Coote.

So, were our predictions right? Could TwinConnect be the next big thing, or is there yet another solution that will combine the two technologies? Or maybe NFC will in fact be the end to QR code? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.