Try Gamification to Transform Driving Behavior

Most businesses know that achieving good driver behavior levels is critical, but getting there can be quite a challenge in many cases. One approach that is proving successful for many firms is gamification.

Even though the concept of using game mechanics to get things done on the job might sound a bit too lighthearted, it’s actually a seriously effective way to engage and motivate drivers. In fact, Gartner predicts that gamification across the business world as a whole is on the verge of skyrocketing as more corporations realize its potential for helping them keep employees engaged and reach all of their objectives.

Rewards, Recognition And Competition Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Competition, rewards, and recognition are surprisingly powerful, and the psychology behind the concept is sound. If people have the ability to complete a certain task and are given a trigger to do it, having the motivation that can come from the chance to earn a reward or recognition can make all the difference in the world.

For example, a leaderboard or league table that is published showing drivers’ performances against their peers can help inspire some friendly competition and motivate them to improve. For fleet drivers, this could mean deciding to take a corner more slowly or hitting the brakes less severely.

Several companies are already seeing how well this strategy can pay off. For example, road transportation experts Pentalver and plant hire firm Garic have noted gains of £50,000 by offering drivers a quarterly bonus for hitting certain performance targets. Ventilation specialist EnviroVent has seen a 10 percent fuel consumption drop and savings amounting to £36,000 by issuing driver performance reports that foster competitiveness. Zenith Hygiene Group has found fuel cost savings exceeding £220,000 by using driver league tables. With such measurable gains possible, what are you waiting for?

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