The True Cost of Mobile Devices

When you use a mobile device, it’s natural to marvel at all the engineering effort that must have gone into creating such a useful and effective product. This effort not only impacts the return on investment and total cost of ownership of the particular piece of hardware; it also affects that of the entire IT investment.

Some tablets are suited to all environments, but others have thermal cooling components and performance benchmark scores that limit their use to optimum conditions only. The SSD the device contains will determine its data speed, CPU performance, and security level, not to mention its resiliency to vibrations and drops. When mobile tablets fail, the connected data systems might not be able to produce results, and this could result in customers’ needs being unmet and, by extension, lost profits and revenues as well as incurring labor and material costs that could have been avoided.

A More Realistic View

The best rugged tablet engineers will spend less time in the lab and more time in the field in order to gain a solid view of the environment in which their products will be used on a daily basis. This is the best way to keep solution maintenance costs down in the future. Engineers sitting in a lab cannot truly grasp the needs of field technicians and shop floor workers.

The sticker price of a device only tells part of the story. The true cost of mobility is far less obvious, which is why traditional formulas for calculating costs versus savings are flawed. Many companies find that buying some cheaper consumer-geared devices like iPads and outfitting them with rugged cases can actually end up being far more expensive in the long run. These devices can wear out in a remarkably short period of time when they are used in environments they weren’t intended for, leaving you scrambling to replace them while your workers and customers wait.

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