Trillcode Barcode

trillcodeThe Trillcode barcode is a 2D barcode, similar to QR codes that is designed for mobile phone scanning. The Trillcode stands out because of its scalable design, which allows not only increasing capacity, but also inside modifications.

Common uses of the Trillcode involve advertising from print to the web, sending a SMS, dialing a number, sending an email, adding contacts or events into the phone lists, sending forms, or even playing music. In addition, Trillcode offers to provide custom solutions if needed.

As with most 2D barcodes, all you need to start scanning is a camera phone and the application. Trillcode is no different. The requirements to install and run Trillcode is to have a camera phone supporting Java MIDP 2.0. You can install the application by going to in your phone’s browser.

In addition to being scalable, the Trillcode also stands out because it’s one of the few 2D barcodes that integrates the decoder into the phone application. This means that servers are not relied on to decode the barcode, freeing up data traffic and data fees. In addition, the Trillcode is an omni-directional barcode that embeds forms, making it easy to place orders and or generate feedback. Trillcode also allows for a lot of modifications – it’s easy to change colors, add a logo, or even an animation!

If you’re interested in the Trillcode barcode, you can start encoding today!