Travel to Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean Passport Free with an RFID Embedded License

New York State RFID Enhanced LicenseA few months ago, New York began offering “Enhanced Driver’s Licenses” (EDLs) that contain embedded RFID chips. The RFID chips can be scanned by border patrols in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, allowing RFID chip license holders to travel passport free.

If you’re weary that having an RFID license means that you can be constantly tracked, put your worries to rest. Authorities assure that the RFID chip will not store or transmit any vital personal information, only an ID number.

To get an Enhanced New York license with an RFID chip, it only costs $30 more than the standard $50 licensing fee. When you consider the time, money, and trouble it takes to get a passport, the Enhanced Driver’s License is definitely worth it.

Lauren Miller, a New Yorker, stated, “When I needed to get a new license, I saw an option for the enhanced license and asked what it meant. After receiving an explanation, I thought the enhanced license would be an excellent option for me since I travel to Canada a lot for business. Not having to worry about my passport is definitely worth the extra $30.”

Currently, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses are only available in New York and Washington State, but other states will soon follow suit.