Track Your QR Campaigns

QRme QR Code TrackingAs you are probably aware, QR codes provide an excellent source for companies to market their products. However, with targeted marketing becoming more and more important these days, how are companies tracking their QR code campaigns and the people who view their ads?

That’s where QRme comes in; they have recently launched the latest interactive marketing technology that keeps track of when and where your QR code is scanned.

To do this, they came up with the Qrme code, which is the same as a QR code, but also allows for tracking. The ability to know that someone has just read and scanned your advertisement is key. From there, scans can be plotted on Google analytics, providing detailed statistics that can better future marketing campaigns.

The detailed reports will include:

  • Date/time scanned, the web page the mobile phone was directed to, and the location
  • Web browser type used by the mobile phone
  • Platform used by the mobile phone
  • Web pages the mobile phone was directed to
  • Shows the number of scans by date, along with a graphical line chart

This type of information could open up several new doors to the world of marketing, and with more QR code tracking programs, its only a matter of time before more companies in the US start to use them more often. Check out QRme here.