Track RFID Around the World

rfid map

The RFID Journal recently released an interactive map of RFID deployments throughout the world. This map will serve as a tool, allowing viewers around the world to share information regarding RFID-based projects and to depict how RFID adoption is globally spreading.

While many think RFID is an unproven technology, and it certainly isn’t a fully adopted one as of yet, the map clearly illustrates numerous successful RFID implementations throughout the world.

The map displays dots for each deployment entered and include descriptions based on the industry that they serve, i.e., RFID in retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, or other industries. Upon clicking the dot, a summary of the deployment appears in addition to a link where readers can see more information. As more people discover this RFID map, more entries will be made, eventually giving us a much broader sense of where RFID is and what it is doing throughout the world.

Check out the map, or enter your RFID deployment here.