Track QR Code Campaigns

Over the years, we’ve definitely noticed the large increased in US companies that are using QR code campaigns to enhance their current marketing functions. However, did you ever stop and think how using QR codes could provide real data and drive results?
BeQRious recently launched the BeQRious Tracker, a mobile tracking analytics for QR code campaigns, allowing users to collect data on a variety of different metrics.

With the BeQRious Tracker, marketers can:

  • Generate and deploy QR codes
  • Track different campaigns simultaneously
  • Generate leads and ideas
  • Measure loyalty
  • Share results as an XLS, TXT or PDF

With such extensive tracking capabilities, I’m hoping this will lead more companies to implement QR code campaigns. If you’ve implemented a QR code campaign, did you use a tracking program? Were you satisfied with your results? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.