Track Employee Productivity with RFIDat Reader

RFIDatThere’s now a passive, 125 kHz RFID system available that can track employee attendance, productivity, workflow, and more. The system, called RFIDat, features an LCD screen and a clock in/out button and can store up to 8,000 tag reads. While employees could wear or carry RFIDat, it can also be affixed to objects to see how long a task took to complete. An example of this would be affixing the tag to cars in a an auto repair shop and having the mechanic scan his system to it to see how long each took to work on. It could also be very helpful in a security setting to track which guards are at what locations at all times. Basically, any work setting that requires employees to be on the move could benefit from the RFIDat reader because it doesn’t need cables or external power to operate.

In addition, RFIDat offers software that includes a MySQL 5 database that can manage its communications and configurations, such as inputting and correlating employees’ names with the ID number of each RFIDat’s embedded RFID tag. The software also serves as a program for compiling and reviewing the data.

Would being able to track employee’s movements and productivity be helpful in your workplace?