Track a Box’s Life with QR Codes

boxlife qr codes

If you are familiar with, a site that tracks the journey of dollar bills, then you may be interested in, a company that’s making use of QR codes to track cardboard boxes all while saving the environment.

Perhaps you’ve recently purchased shoes, or another item that’s typically sold in a box. When you get home from the store, you remove your purchased goods and are left with a box that takes up unnecessary space. Some may immediately throw the box away, while others may put it in storage for possible use later, but what good really comes of hoarding boxes? recognizes this common dilemma and has come up with a way to track the journey and life of a box via QR codes. Their concept was recently tested at Columbia Sportswear Company stores, where shoppers were asked if they would like conventional new boxes, or if they would rather do their part for the earth and have their purchases shipped to their home in a used box. Over 60% of their customers chose to do their part and receive a used box, reducing the need and demand for new cardboard boxes.

Each used box contains a QR code sticker, allowing the customer to scan the QR code with their cell phones and be directed to a website where they can track the journey of the box that is now in their possession. If you don’t have a QR code enabled phone, no worries (although you should really get one!) because there’s also a tracking number that can be used.

In addition, upon arriving to the website, users can share their story and even post fun pictures of the box in use. By engaging their customers and creating a persona for boxes, A Box Life is certainly making a difference in reducing waste and recycling for the good of the environment.