Top 4 Mobility Trends

I recently attended an AirDefense Webcast that discussed PCI compliance, mobility trends in the retail industry and some of the wireless vulnerabilities that these businesses face.  According to AirDefense, the top 4 mobility trends are:

1. Convergence of LAN/WAN, voice and data onto one network and one set of devices

2. Implementations of mobile POS, mobile self-checkout and mobile marketing

3. Mobilizing store and department managers

4. Compliance initiatives

As more businesses turn to next generation wireless mobility, they face new challenges to keep their data secure.  Some of the wireless vulnerabilities that can result in compromises are poorly configured wireless (open access points or WEP still in place), installing rogue devices and the inability to detect active wireless.  To face these challenges, AirDefense recommends a layered approach to wireless security and a focus on validation and prevention in addition to PCI compliance.

Businesses with WEP in place need to begin considering this kind of comprehensive security before it’s too late.  No new implementations of WEP will be allowed after March 31, 2009 and all current WEP implementations must be discontinued by June 30, 2010.  Businesses should proactively prepare for these important dates, so tomorrow I’ll be providing some of the best practices for wireless security and PCI compliance.