Top 3 Tips for CIOs in 2021 – Video of the Week

Today, we are sharing another installment of our Video of the Week series, where we post a new video each week with exciting updates on all things supply chain. In today’s post, we are sharing three things that CIOs should focus on in the upcoming year, featuring Keri Corbin, Barcoding, Inc. VP of Client Solutions. Keep reading to find out more!

Heading into 2021, CIOs and senior IT leaders have a lot on their plates. In order to help you navigate the year ahead, we sat down with Keri Corbin to determine three critical areas of opportunity.

1. Technical Needs
Outsourcing some technical needs can free up your internal IT teams. Barcoding’s technical experts can help your organization manage services, so that your internal resources can focus on larger-scale innovations, rapid digitalization, workflows and more.

“If IT doesn’t have to do everything, IT can do anything,” explained Jody Costa, Barcoding, Inc. VP of Marketing.

2. Security
Another primary area for CIOs to consider is security. Especially with the dawn of wireless technologies, maintaining device, data and network security is paramount. Mobile devices and other devices that are connected to a network need to be kept secure in order to protect your organization’s and your customers’ information.

Migrating to Android can be a great way to boost security, as outdated legacy systems can become prone to breaches without updates. CIOs and IT leaders can look to Barcoding for Android migration support. For more information on Android, head to our Android Resource Center.

3. Capital and Investments
As your organization prepares to update technologies, an important consideration is capital. It may be difficult to prioritize costly refreshes against forward-facing improvements, but the investment will pay off. Check out this blog post for further tips on technology investments.

Corbin advised addressing your investment by carrying out migration or updates in phases. Ask yourself, which devices do you need to upgrade first as you refresh operations, and how much will they cost? Barcoding’s OnePay services provide all-in-one hardware and management services.

“We are providing you full service, hardware, all of the security and any of the applications wrapped into one…now your capital can be used for digitization or marketing. Let us worry about the devices and making sure they’re up and stable,” explained Corbin.

Watch and Learn
Watch the full video below to discover more:

Contact us to find out how we can work together to make your team more efficient, accurate and connected with mobile solutions. From looking for process improvements, to selecting the right hardware, to developing custom applications, to deployment and everything in between, Barcoding offers a variety services to help you achieve your goals while reducing risk and capital expenditures.

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