Top 15 Mobile Trends for 2015

As always, a new year brings new expectations. In the tech industry, the speed of development means that the world is in a mode of transformation—people are moving towards being connected online for more and more aspects of their life. The adoption of smart devices by consumers is taking place at a very fast pace, bringing with it multiple opportunities for new ways of engagement, with developments in the ways of interactions, entertainment, education and shopping all taking place.

It remains to be seen where exactly these trends will take us, but for the mean time, here are 15 predictions about what might take place over the next year in the mobile technology industry:

1) Wearables will become a hot commodity—the battle for market share is about to begin.

2) Brands will attempt to push for multiple engagements via mobile.

3) Mobile payments will develop in a more localized manner.

4) The race for mobile payments will move to the global frontier.

5) The competition to provide solutions for connected homes will become more interesting.

6) Vehicles will become part of the revolution in next generation mobile integration

7) IoT will continue to grow in the industrial and warehousing sector, but consumer adoption is not taking place as rapidly.

8) Apps that are collecting data as part of their functionality will remove this function in order to improve user experience.

9) Mobile will become more of a target for criminals.

10) Information specific to individuals will travel better across devices, boosting screen agnostic experiences.

11) Brands and retail companies will look to mobile for new commercial opportunities.

12) Travelers will increasingly use online brand applications to book their flights and hotels.

13) The monitoring of health and nutrition will expand via mobile and wearable technologies into building a more comprehensive picture.

14) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies will change and diversify according to different companies policies.

15) Businesses will become more involved with internalized mobile first deployments, and the format they set will be adopted by desktop platforms.

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