Top 10 Reasons to Switch from Windows CE to Android

Through Barcoding’s research, which culminated in our Android Report, we realized many customers were hesitant to make the transition from Windows Embedded Handheld to Android for a variety of reasons including budget concerns and enterprise applications still living on old platforms.

While we help customers by providing new financing models, rentals during the transition, and software expertise, that’s not the full story. In talking to customers, we realized many people were neglecting to consider the immense possibilities that the Android mobile platform could bring. Those that are already on Android can tell you – this transition IS an exciting opportunity for your business; and, here’s why:


Enterprise mobile devices were manufactured with your needs in mind, yet they are also inherently easier to use. Their touch screens, applications, and general functionality are much closer to the handheld devices that we use in our day to day life, making it easier for your end-users to execute their jobs.

Ease of Training

This familiarity translates directly into your ability to train new employees on best practices. They can easily pick-up new ways to use the devices’ various functionalities as they aren’t far from the technologies that they frequently use. Also, training end-users remotely is easier on a touch screen device with the possibility of embedded training videos right on the device or in-app (like Zebra’s Learning Services).


Given that Windows Embedded Handheld is end-of-life, it is far easier for individuals to hack into your company’s data AND your customers’ data. Additionally, if a crisis like this happens, it is no longer able to be patched. Android, on the other hand, was built for top-notch security. There are executable patching plans should someone gain access to private information.

Applications You Can Easily Access

Android’s app store gives you access to a wide range of pieces of software in a user-friendly interface. These applications, which can be packaged together or sold separately, are easy to interact with and allow you to conduct your business more efficiently. You can even create a custom app if you so wish! Check out SOTI Snap or doForms for rapid application development possibilities.

Multi-Use Functionality

Whereas before you would’ve needed multiple devices, Android allows you to have it all! Once you’ve downloaded the necessary software, one device can act as a scanner, a radio, and a key-code, allowing your employees to easily clock in and out of their workplaces in some cases. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the ability to build customizable applications allows you to apply these devices to multiple use cases.

Working with Newer Technology Means Lower Down-time

Android devices are currently being produced whereas Windows Embedded Handheld products are not. While you may still be able to find products to fill in your older fleet as mobile computers break, those opportunities will diminish over time. We think it is counter-productive to spend time searching for replacements when a newer option is available.

With the modern EMM (enterprise mobility management) and MDM (mobile device management) tools, technical support for Android products is much more effective than Windows Embedded Handheld. In the short-term, this means lower down-time, which may prove invaluable for your team. In the long-term, it is just one example of why out-of-date devices are unsustainable.

Ability to Monitor and Limit Workers’ Use of Devices

Although the Android interface does have an “app store,” you are able to limit what your employees are able to purchase and the business resources that they have access to using the Google Play store and an EMM tool. This leads to increased efficiency because you know users are not on Youtube watching the latest cute cat video or checking Facebook.

Ease of Customer Interactions in a Retail Setting

Think of how much time you, as a personal consumer, save in stores when an employee scans your items, accepts your payment, and returns them with a receipt. This ability to delight your customers is made possible by the versatility of Android devices.

Early Adopter Status 

We don’t know many companies that want to be known for being out-of-date or out-of-touch or worst yet, stuck in the mud. It isn’t competitive or sustainable. Ultimately, new technology will allow you to deliver a better customer experience – something that everyone can respect.

Ready to get started? We’re happy to walk through the process with you and help you start small. We guarantee that once your users get their hands on a new device, they won’t want to give it back.

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