Tips for Boosting Warehouse Productivity, Efficiency & Safety

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that slips, trips and falls make up the majority of industrial accidents. They even account for 15% of deaths that occur by accident, 25% of personal injury claims and approximately 96 million lost days of labor every year.

There can be no doubt that warehouse management needs to promote safety in the workplace both to maintain a healthy workforce and maintain productivity. In order to ensure a safe and efficient warehouse environment, managers can:

Optimize Workforce Productivity
This could be done by automation, incentivization or a number of other means, but optimizing the productivity of the workforce should be the main focus for managers who want to improve their warehouse. Labor is usually the single biggest outlay in warehousing, and it is imperative that organizations get to grips with their production rates.

Take Space Vertically
Space can often be very limited on the production floor, so it’s paramount to make use of all the available space including to the roof. In order to achieve this, pallet racking can be utilized.

Create and Maintain Organized Work Areas
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) reported that musculoskeletal injuries, such as muscle strains, are one of the main causes of workplace injuries. In order to partially eradicate these risks, work areas must be optimally designed with the specific worker in mind.

Analyze and Adapt the Picking Methodology
It is important to understand whether the picking methodology your company has in place is suitable for them. Making the right choices here will impact the supply chain directly so it’s certainly worth the effort and expense.

Practice Lean Manufacturing
The majority of manufacturers are heading towards 5S/lean methods as part of their strategy to boost manufacturing processes, providing speed and efficiency while lowering costs.

Take Advantage of Tech
Since IoT is becoming more available within manufacturing, there is a growing challenge for companies to leverage it to their advantage and get one over on their competitors.

Retrieve Tools & Parts Faster
This is also a key factor in achieving better efficiency in the process of fulfillment. Automated systems for storage can boost accuracy and control while providing more safety for the operator.

There will be approximately 1.2 million robots operating across the manufacturing industry by 2025, helping to boost productivity and deliver cost savings compared to employing workers.

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This blog post is based off of an article from Cerasis, a 3PL with a focus on technology and managed transportation services.