Improving Visibility in the Government Sector with RFID

With tighter budgets, stricter industry mandates, and a need for utmost responsiveness and security, government entities require reliable, compliant, and effective technology solutions that will increase operational efficiencies.

Secure and centralized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset tracking systems offer just that.RFID

RFID systems provide a more efficient and accurate solution by removing the strenuous process of tracking and tracing inventories manually. Government entities can collect and analyze data from almost any asset, including documentation, vehicles, equipment, and electronics as they move, without all the paperwork.

Barcoding’s RFID RealView™ software is a server-based application that consists of standard UHF-based passive RFID tags and readers. This intuitive software allows government entities to set up defined read zones to automatically track asset location in real time. This gives decision makers the ability to make informed decisions, quicker.

Use Case

Client: A developer and integrator of products, services and support for aerospace and defense customers, as well as civil and commercial customers including those in law enforcement, security, border patrol and critical infrastructure protection around the globe.

Challenge: As supported customer-owned products come into the facility for support or repair, they are processed and returned to the customer. In order to maintain the preferred turn-time of the repair, the company sought a solution that would provide greater visibility and allow for additional resources to be applied to units moving too slow for the expected process and the ability to trace a specific unit within the facility.

Solution: Barcoding’s server-based RFID RealViewTM system, which follows the global ISO180063 standard for communication to ensure interoperability and scalability.

Results: The UHF passive readers and tags track and trace the company’s serialized customer products throughout the repair process. The configured system provides RFID read zone coverage for the company’s defined zones and can be expanded as more read zones are identified. In addition, RFID RealViewTM logs makes accessible any RFID move events as they occur and includes an RFID handheld device that links RFID tags to existing assets to perform inventory counts, as required.

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