Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Deploys Event Access Solution (XPO Access™)

Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association enhances annual Alumni Weekend by deploying an event access control solution (XPO Access™) developed by Barcoding, Inc.

Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association engages with its community of more than 205,000 alumni through social, professional, cultural and academic opportunities throughout the year. The alumni association of Johns Hopkins University, an American private research university located in Baltimore, hosts and offers special events, local activities, regional chapters, interest-based communities, volunteer opportunities, online resources, and other useful benefits and resources to alumni.


Every year, the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association hosts its largest event, Alumni Weekend. Alumni Weekend is held in April and brings in more than 7,000 attendees to enjoy activities held over three days. During this time, alumni attend a lacrosse game, crab feast and the weekend’s most popular event, the Young Alumni Tent Party. Due to using manual ticketing processes, the association struggled checking tickets and tracking attendee’s participation at each of the events during the weekend. The association’s unreliable way for checking tickets meant that its staff could not enforce ticketing and was unable to collect data to show which alumni were buying tickets at the door or pre-brought tickets. Additionally, attendees became quickly frustrated by the long lines to get into the Young Alumni Tent Party because staff had to check individuals’ names off paper lists. The alumni association sought a way to check tickets in a timelier manner and would provide more insight into which attendees were participating in each of the weekend’s events. However, the solution had to be cost effective, quick to deploy and easy to manage.

Johns Hopkins Alumni Association selected Barcoding, Inc., a leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, to assist in replacing its outdated event management method. After reviewing the association’s pain points, Barcoding deployed its event access control solution, XPO Access™. The end-to-end solution enabled Johns Hopkins Alumni Associations’ event staff to track, manage and secure access to the weekend’s main events, as well as collect data about the attendees. As a part of the integrated solution, Barcoding set up multiple Zebra TC70’s – rugged, handheld barcode scanners – on a wireless network router provided by Cradlepoint, a global leader in cloud-based network solutions.

Barcoding’s team worked with the association to develop packages for each of the event’s attendees. The fulfillment included developing badge packages, and conducting onsite management and support throughout the weekend. With Barcoding’s solution in place, Johns Hopkins Alumni Association was able speed up the ticketing process. Because of increased efficiency, Johns Hopkins Alumni Association was able to improve the overall experience of the event attendees. Prior to implementing the solution, Johns Hopkins Alumni Association would not be able to capture or review data from attendees that did not pre-register for events. Without this data, the association did not have insight into which events were successful or how many staff members were needed. With XPO Access™, the association could capture 37 percent more data from attendees. This added visibility will empower the association to better allocate staffing and resources for next year’s Alumni Weekend, which can also result in reduced overhead costs.

Case Study at a Glance

• Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association engages with its community of more than 205,00 alumni.
• Hosts and offers special events, useful benefits and resources to alumni.

• Manual ticketing process was tedious and time-consuming.
• Inability to enforce or track ticketing into weekend’s events.
• No existing method to capture attendee data.


XPO Access™, event access control solution, combined with Zebra TC70- rugged barcode scanners on Cradlepoint wireless network router
• System integration and event management services provided by Barcoding, Inc.

• Increased event efficiency, which improved overall attendee satisfaction.
• Reduced event access wait time and removed unnecessary hassle for event staff.
• Increased data collection by 37 percent, which provided visibility into attendee buying and participation habits.