Thinfilm: The Next Generation of Barcode

Could the barcode soon become a predecessor to an NFC-based label?

Barcodes are on every product we sell, but what if their was a smarter way to label our products?

Thinfilm is an Oslo-based company that sought to produce a smarter label and engineered a way to print memory circuits which can be used by smart labels to store information.

Thinfilm’s Kovio NFC Barcode enables item-level interaction between consumers and brands, further perpetuating the IoT (internet of things). The barcode is passive and operates at 13.56 MHz HF with 128 bits read only memory.

Aside from storing product codes, Thinfilm could also hold storage times and temperatures for perishable goods. The labels may even be able to automatically discount their prices if an item is on sale.

Currently, the smart labels are about the cost of a hologram to print, but is that good enough? In order to possibly compete with the barcode, they will need to be cheap.

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