Thermal Receipt Paper Can Be A Surprisingly Effective Marketing Tool

These days, thermal receipts can serve as much more than simply proof of purchase. Modern technology makes it possible to print images, custom text and messages on receipts, allowing marketers to convey a message with very little expense.

For example, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s logo and a custom message. If you use color, the benefits are even greater. In fact, studies show that 78 percent of consumers are more likely to remember a word or phrase that was printed in color than a message in black and white. The color you choose is also important; fast food chains tend to favor red as it has been shown to boost appetite, while banks are fond of blue because the color fosters responsibility and trust.

Promote Social Media, Sales

Thermal receipts are also a great opportunity to promote your social media sites. Having a good following online is very important for brand recognition, so you can include your handles for various platforms on your receipts to drive engagement. Similarly, you could use the receipt to inspire customers to register for your newsletter by offering a discount if they sign up via email. You can also promote special events like a fun competition or celebration.

Money-minded people tend to take a close look at their receipts, making them the perfect place to promote sales and offer discounts. You might want to offer customers a certain percentage off of their purchase or a buy one, get one promotion to draw them back into your store in the future. Making a specific offer, such as only offering the promotion on a certain day of the week – ideally one that tends to be slow – can actually make it more effective.

Savvy businesses can benefit tremendously by leveraging thermal receipts and using some creative marketing approaches in the process.

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