Thermal Printing: A Growing Opportunity

A Big Deal
The thermal printing industry is projected to hit $39 billion in 2021. This field is growing rapidly every day, reaching new markets and applications. Keep reading to learn more about how thermal printing and barcodes can help your business run more smoothly.

Benefits of Thermal Printing
Thermal printing offers a variety of benefits compared to older technology. Thermal printers are quieter, faster, and better at reproducing images than impact printers, useful in many applications like ATMs, gas pumps, and lottery machines. The utilization of thermal printers also has environmental benefits, such two-sided printing, to save materials.

Counterfeiting causes a very high estimated global value loss—nearly $650 billion each year! Special features, like watermarks and thermal transfer ribbon with unique ink, can add an extra layer of security to reduce counterfeiting.

Barcoding and Thermal Printing
For example, thermal printing can be particularly effective in the food industry. Supply chain management is essential to keep track of things like expiration date labels and monitor the freshness of produce. New thermal technology helps to create printed 2D barcodes that ensure safety and quality control.

Barcoding is the leading track-and-trace technology globally and a cost-effective solution. Implementing thermal printing can help make them even more effective. The US Food and Drug Administration created a law in 2004 that requires barcodes on labels of thousands of drugs and biological products. This regulation caused a large rise in demand for thermal printing products.

In 2016, retail and manufacturing represented 53% of the world thermal print demand. When combined with AIDC technology, thermal printers can increase productivity, efficiency, and data accuracy, all of which are crucial to smooth operations.

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