Thermal Mobile Label Printers: Zebra QLn Series

The Zebra QLn series of thermal mobile label printers features great upgrades since its predecessors, the QL and QL Plus series. As the third generation of Zebra QL printers, the QLn series is easier and more efficient to use, has a longer uptime and is easier to manage. It comes in 3-inch wide and 2-inch wide and features:

  • Easy-to-navigate controls and interface, including help menu and alert messages
  • Faster, higher-quality printing with lower power use
  • Increased memory that handle advanced functions and future firmware improvements, and stores more complex fonts, graphics and images
  • Backwards compatibility with QL and QL Plus
  • Durability strong enough to withstand a variety of physical environments and conditions
  • Easy connectiopn to barcode scanners

Check out the video below to see the QLn in action:

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