There’s Nothing to Wine About with RFID

The Silvertap line at Free Flow Wines consists of organic wine made from grapes grown at a sustainable vineyard in Sonoma County, CA. In order to reduce environmental impact, Free Flow Wines uses recyclable plastic kegs, which also offers restaurants more wine-by-the-glass options.

Nitrogen gas pushes the wine out of the cask, which preserves the wine remaining in the kegs for a few months. But what happens to the casks when the wine is complete? Well, Free Flow Wines implemented an RFID system to track the casks’ location and status in order to ensure they are returned, cleaned and refilled.

By embedding UHF RFID tags between each keg and the plastic handle, the kegs can be easily tracked and reused. This system will reduce the number and frequency of casks getting lost, which can be a costly occurrence in the industry. In addition to tracking the location of the kegs, the system will also ensure that the kegs are cleaned in a timely manner, and in the event of a recall, kegs could be located quickly.

When it comes time for the keg to be refilled, a handheld RFID reader is used to capture the unique ID number, in addition to the time, date, and kind of wine.

The RFID system allowed Free Flow Wines’ Silvertap line to continue its sustainability efforts and work more efficiently, without having to scan individual barcodes.

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