There’s A New Barcode in Town

Ubleam creates bleams using augmented reality to connect people to content.

Just when you thought QR codes were going out of style, or there couldn’t possibly be another type of QR code, along came UBleam with their bleam.

A bleam is essentially a smart logo that does the job of a traditional QR code (technically it’s augmented reality), but better. Ubleam boasts that their code customization does not affect scanning performance. In addition, a bleam, or code, can be read from 4 times further than a tranditional QR code.

UBleam offers customers an online bleam manager and design studio for easy-to-manage campaigns. However, it does require that users have a special bleam reader in order to read the codes.

Do you think it’s too late for another company to come along and create a proprietary code such as a bleam? After all, look at what happened to Microsoft Tag. Or do you think bleams will replace and overtake QR codes in usage?

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