The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper Changes the Way We Shop

Cultivate an all-encompassing customer service experience for your in-store shoppers with Zebra Technologies’ PS20 Personal Shopper, the next generation shopping assistant! Inspired by the MC18’s proven success, the PS20 boasts rugged features and unmatched capabilities while delivering the most value for a device in its market. It’s ready for everyday all-day use, and Zebra’s cutting edge technology allows the PS20 to be integrated into all shopping experiences.

Predicting Purchases

The PS20 allows for a shopping experience that is not only efficient,but also personalized. With the PS20, you can provide relevant coupons to your shoppers based on their current location and past purchases. If they curated a specific shopping list with their desired items, their PS20 will act as their guide to the corresponding sections.

Zebra’s technology is able to assist and predict the needs of your customers in revolutionary ways. To make this possible, they have implemented Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, Visible Light Communication (VLC) within the front-facing camera, and their SmartLens and MPact locationing solutions. These features work in tandem to bring the best support for your company’s customers and their needs.

Expand your support with image-based apps, such as recognizing customers by facial recognition. With this feature, customers will no longer need to scan their loyalty card; they will feel your company’s appreciation and support and continue to expend their repeat business.

Device Comfortability and Ease

Customers who are familiarized with friendly, easy-to-use Android devices will have no problem getting acclimated with the PS20—they will be able to get right to their shopping with the device’s assistance. With its advanced, multi-touch operation, the PS20 offers easy-to-read text and clear graphics for customers of all abilities to use. Consider working in applications relevant to your business that can assist your customers during their shopping experience as well.

Capable and Dependable

This revolutionary device promises longevity and consistency during usage: with Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery, it only requires 15 minutes of charge time to power 45 minutes of shopping. Zebra’s 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology allows users to access faster and more reliable WiFi connections. To boost WiFi network capacity, speed, and range, multiple PS20s can communicate simultaneously during use.

Customers can minimize their time shopping and scavenging for items with the PS20’s advanced scanning technology: with point-and-shoot simplicity, items can be scanned right as they are tossed into a customer’s cart. And don’t forget the coupons and loyalty cards—the device’s system recognizes customers’ offers and discounts.

Change the Way they Shop

Acquiring customers’ business can be difficult, but set your company above your competitors with the PS20 and its advanced capabilities. Make their shopping experiences pleasurable—experiences that will make them want to come back and shop!

Watch the video below to see the Zebra PS20 in action:

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